Saint Alcuin Classical Academy sees the role of educating young people, whether at home or at the academy, as a stewardship—as a cultivation of young people into disciples of Jesus Christ. Therefore, everyone involved in the Apostolate is a Steward, even parent volunteers. We desire to aid learners in loving God with all of their heart, mind, strength, and soul (Luke 10:27).

Our academy Council of Tutors work hard each week to bring Faith and Reason together in a truly Catholic Classical education.


Daniel HaynesHeadmaster Dr. Daniel Haynes is the Headmaster of the academy and also a Tutor in Philosophy and Theology. He has over 15 years of teaching experience in Catholic High School, College and University classrooms.
Tutor in Cartography & Sacred Music

Rev. Tim Watts is the Parish Administrative Contact and Deacon for Saint Margaret of Scotland Catholic Church. He is a Tutor in Cartography & Sacred Music for the academy. He was an Episcopal priest for over 17 years and is now in priestly formation for ordination in the Catholic Church through the Personal Ordinariate to the Chair of Saint Peter.

Tutor in Art

Mrs. Cynthia Mixon is our talented Tutor in Art. She works with students to develop their art skills and to appreciate the beautiful artistic gifts of the Church.

Tutor in Latin Ms. Mary Edmonds is a History and Classical Culture student at the University of Georgia. She is also a Tutor in Latin at the Saint Thomas Moore Academy in Athens.
Tutor in Catechism, Literature, & Poetry Ms. Marisol Steuben is a Tutor in Catechism for our lower classmen and a Literature & Poetry Tutor for both lower and upper classmen. She is a very talented Poet herself and shares her gifts with the community.
Tutor in  History Mr. Jim Trear is a Tutor in History, and mainly teaches our students in World Chronology.